• Sexual Assault Educational Seminar

    Justice Unlocked will be hosting a Sexual Assault Educational Seminar this April in the Monroe County Public Library. Join us to learn more about the legal processes regarding sexual assault, protective orders, and divorce. Click the link to learn more:

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    Keys to Justice Program

    We’re changing our organizational structure and our billing model here at Justice Unlocked! The changes will mean that we can help some clients for even cheaper as before. And hopefully we will improve our sustainability and growth potential as well. You can click through to find out more about our new program.

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  • Signs of a Healthy Relationship

    There are lots of ideas about what makes a relationship good or bad, but how do you make sure that you have and maintain a healthy relationship? Here are some traits that every healthy relationship has. Click the link below!

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What We Do

Family Law: Divorce, Custody, Child Support, and More!

Landlord Tenant Law: Security Deposits, Evictions, Lease Analysis, and More!

Pro Se Plus: Learn how to represent yourself in court with coaching and document preparation services

Small Claims Court: For faster and more efficient resolution of claims up to $6,000 depending on the county.

Criminal Expungement: You've paid your debts and stayed out of trouble, let us help you get your record cleaned.

Fair Debt Collection: You have rights against debt collectors, and if they're harassing you, we're here to help.

LGBTQ Name/Gender Changes: Just within the last few years, it's now possible under Indiana law to have the Court order your birth certificate gender changed along with your name, we can walk you through the process

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Unfortunately we're straining our current capacity and in order to make sure that all our clients get the attention they deserve, we're having to close down intakes for the next 1-2 weeks. Please check in regularly to see when they've reopened, but we're not able to take any new clients at this time.

Looking to Help Your Community?

It takes a lot of money to keep the lights on, and we’re raising operating capital so that we can focus on building the kind of company that everyone be proud of, without having to worry about any need to put cash flow first. I believe in the power of friends, family, and the community. Every dollar you’re able to donate will assist us in serving more members of the community.Help today, with anything you can. And follow our blog to keep up with the story of our process and innovations we hope will set us apart from the rest of the legal services world and help us to build a real community. You’re free to choose any amount you want or to add different amounts together in your cart to make up a donation of different sizes than the pre-sets.


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