Back in 2015, Executive Director Jamie Sutton recognized that there was a group of people that fell in between those who can afford legal services and those who are qualified to receive them for free that could not afford legal help. Jamie wanted guarantee that everyone has access to legal assistance and created Justice Unlocked. When Justice Unlocked first began, Jamie and Staff Attorney Michael LoPrete figured that they would take on about 20 cases. In it’s first year, however, Justice Unlocked took on 88 cases and continues to grow in both community reach and staff.

Justice Unlocked is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting clients in matters of criminal defense, family law, sexual assault, domestic violence, landlord tenant law, small claims, and offers a pro se plus package. Our clients pay based on a sliding scale system meaning that we charge based on what our clients are able to pay.

Since our beginning, we have worked to provide the Bloomington area with a holistic approach to assistance both legal and otherwise by reaching out to other organizations in our area. Justice Unlocked owes its growth and success to its incredible supporters and donors and hopes to reach even more people within our community in the future, because equality under the law should be available to all.

Meet our Staff

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