Social Work Resource List


Justice Unlocked is happy to have created this Resource List that is full of resources throughout Southern Indiana for folks that are in need of additional nonlegal services. This Resource List was created by Anna Burse, an MSW student through the IU Bloomington School of Social Work. Anna was added to this team to provide supplemental assistance with nonlegal support for clients of Justice Unlocked. The topics and resources from this list were selected based on a needs assessment that established these resources were frequently requested by clients. Throughout the process of creating this resource list, Justice Unlocked was able to establish stronger connections with community agencies. The connections we have built, we hope, will increase partnership and collaboration between agencies that are located here in our community.

There are many other resource guides and lists that exist for our community, both for the city of Bloomington specifically and the greater Southern Indiana area. Therefore, this is not an exhaustive list. There are other lists available digitally and free of charge through other agencies. if this list does not sufficiently cover your need.

A PDF version is available for free through a link on our website. Get your Copy Today –

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