Client Testimonials

Meet Aniatis

When Aniatis’s daughter was taken away from her, she didn’t know where to turn, she said. Watching her daughter move away to live with another family and without her mother empowered her to confront the justice system and bring her daughter back home, but she didn’t know where to start. That’s where she says Justice Unlocked came in.

“Without Justice Unlocked, I honestly think the judges wouldn’t have taken me seriously,” Aniatis said. “I would have had to jump through more hoops than I already did to get her home.” Aniatis said Justice Unlocked helped along every step of the way and provided a clear and informed explanation of the steps she would have to take to bring her daughter home. “I really enjoyed working with them,” Aniatis said.

“They answered all of my questions, communicated with me, and didn’t sugar coat things. They told me like it was.”Since then, Aniatis has been able to bring her daughter home and said that Justice Unlocked played a crucial role in her success. “Reaching out to Justice Unlocked is one of the best things I’ve done,” Aniatis said.

“I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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Meet the Kirbys!

The Kirby’s lost their son on September 26th, 2015 as a result of his estranged wife shooting him four times in front of his 2 and 3-year-old children. Although they were in shock, the Kirby’s hit the ground running taking care of their grandchildren and they “were at a loss where to start in the legal system”. In April of 2016 the Kirby’s found Justice Unlocked and were excited to find an organization that was affordable to them.

Once they became clients of Justice Unlocked, the Kirby’s “were astounded and amazed how knowledgeable and professional Michael LoPrete commanded the room”. Through the 13 months that Justice Unlocked worked on the case they were always prepared. As of June 2017 the Kirby’s have co-adopted their two grandchildren and said “ our gratitude and appreciate to Michael and the team at Justice Unlocked will always be in our hearts. We cannot say enough praises”.

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Feedback from Anonymous Surveys!

“Jamie Sutton is a very intelligent, respectful and understanding lawyer and person. He works magic and he works it efficiently and accurately to meet and exceed clients needs. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to have Jamie representing me in my case. He treated me as a person not as a Petitioner.”

“Michael was willing to explain everything at length, and if he noticed I was stressed he would talk a few minutes longer until I felt better. The staff were very kind and respectful. Wonderful people!”

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