Access Fund | Housing Instability

Landlord Tenant issues pose unique challenges:

• Dozens, if not hundreds, of evictions are filed every day in the Justice Unlocked Service Area

• Facing Eviction poses unique financial challenges, you have to save for moving and new deposits in case you lose your eviction case

• There are a variety of other landlord tenant problems that can put a financial strain on a family: unfit housing conditions, non-repaired units, pest problems, or illegal and unfair landlord practices. And you might not have the money to hire an attorney to take your landlord to Court.

• Loss of adequate and safe housing or a problem with a landlord can have a domino effect on every area of your life.

Housing Instability Image

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our Access Fund please email our Executive Director, Jamie Sutton at and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Or you can Donate below and when you set up your recurring donation check the ‘leave us a comment’ box and let us know which funds you’d like your donation to go to! You can log-in to change or edit your donations at any time!



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