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Justice Unlocked is committed to making sure that our clients and sponsors are as legally educated as possible. This is why we have made a quarterly plan to enlighten our supporters on a different legal topic every couple of months. This process will have a variety of impacts on what you see on our social media feeds and on our blog posts. This quarter, Justice Unlocked has committed itself to providing resources, information, and support to those who could be or have been victims of sexual assault or know victims of sexual assault. The information we will be providing here forth will advance knowledge on this subject until our Sexual Assault Seminar on April 24th.
Justice Unlocked will be outlining a variety of aspects, resources, and testimonials regarding sexual assault and ways to legally address and combat it. We will address the elements of a positive relationship, the cycle of abuse, and relevant legislation amongst other topics. We will make sure that our subscribers are made aware each time a new blog post with this kind of in depth information is shared. Beyond our informative blog posts, social media accounts will focus a majority of their feeds to the stories, legislation, and resources related to sexual assault and abuse. We will, of course, focus on other matters and issues, but as this quarter’s legal topic of choice, a majority of our attention will be dedicated to educating our supporters on this specific topic for the remainder of the quarter.
Our seminar will seek to bring both community members and organizations together to help inform the public on legal issues surrounding sexual assault including how to about filing a protective order and what one’s rights are if they find themselves in a sexual assault situation. The seminar will include a speaker as well as informational packets and be accessible for absolutely everyone. We aim to assist anyone who needs it and this seminar goes toward this goal.
Additionally, we hope that you, our clients and sponsors, engage with us on this topic. This is an issue that has affected many and will continue to do so without the efforts of communities. We invite you all to discuss how sexual assault and abuse has affected people in your life and your own ideas surrounding it and what our community can do to help. Education is a group effort. Please join Justice Unlocked in it’s aim to educate, assist, and engage with people about this topic.
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