Our Fee Schedule

The following chart is based on the federal poverty guidelines for 2018. If you are above or below the income guidelines listed below, there may be special requirements that will have to be met before we can take your case.  Contact us for more details. 812-269-8277

Persons In Family Unit   Income Limits for Sliding Scale Payments

All By Yourself$18,000+$24,000+$37,000 – $49,000
2 Family Members$25,000+$33,000+$49,000 – $66,000
3 Family Members$31,000+$42,000+$62,000 – $83,000
4 Family Members$38,000+$50,000+$75,000 – $100,000
5 Family Members$44,000+$59,000+$88,000 – $118,000
What You’ll Pay Per month$350$450$550

(This payment covers legal work each month regardless of billable Hours. Third-Party costs such as police reports, background checks, guardian ad litem fees, discovery costs, and any other additional expenses must be paid for over and above this cost.)

One-Time Flat Fee: Some case types are done on a one-time flat fee basis –

Bankruptcies: Bankruptcy filings use the same chart as above, except instead of a per month charge they are done on a flat one-time fee of $700 (for the bottom tier), $900 (for the middle tier), or $1,100 (for the top tier).

Criminal: For Criminal matters we generally (though circumstances vary) charge a flat-fee of $750 for pre-trial work and motions (negotiation, suppression motions, pre-trial conferences, etc) and another $1,000 for trial. Flat-Fees are per county if multiple cases are ongoing at the same time.

Wills/Estates: We provide simple estate planning (Will, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will) for a flat $250-$500 depending on complexity.

Expungements: We do criminal expungements for a simple flat-rate of $250 per county filed.

Adoptions: Adoptions are done for up to two children on a flat fee of $1,000 total if uncontested, $2,000 total if contested by the other birth parent.

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