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As the pioneer in southern Indiana for quality, affordable legal services, Justice Unlocked is a nonprofit organization that bridges the gap in our community between those who cannot afford a market-rate attorney and those who do not qualify for the very limited availability of free legal assistance. Support from our community allows us to continue offering legal representation to our clients. With your help, we can preserve our sliding-scale structure of fees, and increase our pro-bono work.

Our three direct Access Funds make it possible to bring lasting and decisive impact to our clients. Our Domestic Violence Fund provides completely free legal representation in complex cases of sexual assault or domestic violence. Our Housing Instability Fund supports members of our community who are facing eviction or struggling with unsafe housing. Our Annual Fund subsidizes our sliding-scale fees for our low-income clients.

Each of these programs relies on people like you to assist us in unlocking the doors to legal justice. Together, we can ensure that equality under the law remains available to all. Click the links below for further information about any of our three Access Funds.

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Learn About our Access Funds

Our Community's Most Vulnerable Members

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Fund

This fund supports pro-bono (free!) services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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Housing Instability Fund

This fund supports your neighbors facing eviction or other problems with a landlord

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Annual Fund

Our Annual Fund supports Justice Unlocked's subsidizes our sliding scale for the poorest in our community

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