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The Justice Gap: Corporate Lawyers Are Making Record Revenues, But Legal Aid Is in Crisis | Susan Beck

There's just one legal aid lawyer for every 8,893 low-income Americans who qualify for legal aid. That's how, in a country with one of the highest concentrations of lawyers in the world, poor people often are forced to represent themselves in life-altering legal matters.

Source: The Justice Gap: Corporate Lawyers Are Making Record Revenues, But Legal Aid Is in Crisis | Susan Beck


The gap between the haves and have-nots in this country isn't just limited to the jobs market. It's in the legal market too. This article shows some statistics about how the largest corporate law firms protecting big businesses have improved profits and raked in multi-million dollar bonuses while legal aid funding for the poor has dropped by nearly half over the last decade. Public funding is hard to come by, and private donations have fallen to, it's just harder to get people to give money these days.

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The good news is, organizations like Justice Unlocked are cropping up all over the country to try and address this need. At one point in the article they mention, women seeking protective orders from abusive partners don't have the right to an attorney. But if they're in an area that our charity can serve? They will. Free legal services to victims of domestic violence.

You don't have a right to attorney in a civil case. If someone hits you in a car accident, or your employer violates your civil rights, you don't get a free attorney. But if you're in an area that Justice Unlocked works in? You might be able to get one for a huge discount, with prices based on what YOU can afford.

This article highlights the need for organizations like ours, and how hard it can be to get funding. But with your help, I know that we can do it. And with the occasional donation of even $25, $50, or $100 dollars, you can help close the gap between rich and poor, and see to it that big corporations aren't the only ones who get a lawyer.

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